Admission and Program Fees:

5-Day Full Day: $46.00 per day

4-Day Full Day: $47.00 per day

3-Day Full Day: $48.00 per day

Morning Nursery School Program (1/2 Day, 9a-1p): $40.00/per day

Sibling Tuition Discount: For families with more than one child attending the full-day program at MDNS the second child/subsequent children will receive a 10% discount.

Registration Fee: An initial, one-time registration fee of $50.00 per child will be charged at the time of enrollment. 

Monthly Enrichment Fee: An additional $13.00 per month is charged to cover the cost of general and teaching supplies as well as visits from specialists such as music and art teachers.

Summer Tuition:
We are happy to welcome children into our summer program when they are visiting Mount Desert Island with their families, when room allows. 

Half Day: $40/day
Full Day: $50/day
10 % discount for siblings