Head Teacher: 2023-24 School Year

Job Description

  • In conjunction with the Executive Director (ED), create and successfully implement a preschool core curriculum that is both age and developmentally appropriate.

  • Oversee and instruct staff in the implementation of this curriculum.

  • Report child progress or issues to the Director.

  • Assist in the preparing, serving, and eating snack and lunch with the children.

  • Provide supervision of the children in a professional and positive manner.

  • Adhere to the code of ethics set forth by the NAEYC.

  • Promote the school in a positive manner within the community.

  • In the absence of the ED, assumes the duties of the Director.

  • Prepare a report for the monthly Board of Directors meeting.

  • Schedule and conduct bi-annual Parent-Teacher Conferences.

  • Report all cases of suspected child abuse to DHHS.

  • Additional responsibilities as deemed appropriate to successfully fulfill the position.

Benefits include Health, Vision and Dental Insurance, Salary position with up to 5 weeks of paid vacation, discount for childcare and tuition assistance. 

We are looking for substitute teachers! 

Our days go from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Substitutes can be here for a full, eight-hour shift or for part of the day. 

We pay $15/hour or $120 for a full day.

In order to keep our students safe, a background check is part of the onboarding process. 

Please contact Executive Director Sarah Hinckley at mdns.sarah@gmail.com to learn more. 

We are a nonprofit organization that relies on the generosity and collaboration of our community to keep our grounds maintained and our students engaged, stimulated, and learning in an environment that is safe, fun and creative. 

Volunteers are needed for the following:

- Story Reading

- Building projects

- Grounds upkeep

- Event Development

- Grant Writing

- Community Outreach