Come support our playground improvement project by taking over your own backyard, neighborhood, or favorite running location!


- To run and/or walk a singular 1-mile circuit as many times as possible within a registered amount of time.  

- Raise funds for the Mount Desert Nursery School playground improvement project!


- 1 mile loop or 1 mile out and back

- Runners design their own circuit

- Circuit may not have an overall elevation loss.

- Only one circuit may be used for the duration of registered time limit

- 2021 event will be done virtually

Event Categories:

- 1 hour, 2 hour, 3, hour, 4 hour, and 5 hour

- Runners may register for more than one event.

- Only one event can be completed at a time.

       - Ex: Runner cannot count their 1-hour event mark by pulling their data from their 2-hour event


- Overall results will be determined as follows:

      - Overall male and female winner in each of the five time events

      - Winner determined based on the total mileage achieved within time limit

      - In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined based on the fastest time to complete the total mileage.

Event Rules:

- Only fully completed circuits will count toward a runners total mileage

- Submitted fractions of mileage will be rounded down to nearest whole mile

- Runners must be registered prior to starting

- Runners must complete their event(s) between May 1-31, 2021

- Start and finish line must be the same

- Runner must start and finish at the same location for every circuit

- One aid station location at the start/finish area is permitted for a runner

- Runners may carry their aid with them if they wish

- Support crew is permitted on the course to run or bike alongside you, but may not offer support outside your Start/Finish/Aid Station area.


- Fees

      - $35/45/55/65/75 for 1/2/3/4/5 hour

- Registration will open Monday March 15th, 2021

- Registration is available by clicking here, downloading the form, and mailing in completed registration form and fee.


- Runners must submit a GPS data screenshot results via Strava, Garmin, MapMyRun, or other such tracking program. 

- Runners must ensure that GPS data submitted is “public” so that it can be viewed by race officials.

- Must be submitted to no later than 11:59pm on May 31, 2021


- Finisher Medals will be mailed to all finishers


- Event t-shirts will be available on an ala carte system and must be preordered at time of registration.

- Event t-shirts will be unisex, white cotton t-shirts with the Playground Ultra logo on them.

2021 Playground Ultra proudly Sponsored by:

- Realty of Maine - Torrey McDonald

- Katherine Bell